Ep 140: Finding Your Middle Finger Happiness with Sharon Zapata

No Permission Needed with Ozeal
No Permission Needed with Ozeal
Ep 140: Finding Your Middle Finger Happiness with Sharon Zapata

Sharon Zapata is a Houston-based, prolific content creator and one of the most genuine people I know. Sharon and I had an awesome conversation with waaaaay too much coffee. Coffee on an empty stomach makes for an interesting, giggly conversation. Yes, you will hear it in this episode.

Sharon is a bonafide creative who understands the importance of creating for creative sake and knows the art of the real hustle. We recorded this episode at her studio which was inspiring seeing the passion behind her set-up. Her love and dedication to art were quite evident and you could feel passionate energy at the corner of every wall.

In this episode, we talked about her journey as a new studio owner, her inspiration behind becoming an artist once again and her latest book, "Middle Finger Happiness" which documents her own twist on self-help. The book is filled with her candid attitude on helping people have their "F##K It" moment in pursuit of their happiness. She is a self-publishing juggernaut who is determined to inspire others to give the middle finger to insecurities and toxic vampires and live their best life ever.

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