Ep 123: Social Media And Being The Show w/Randall Chesnutt

No Permission Needed with Ozeal
No Permission Needed with Ozeal
Ep 123: Social Media And Being The Show w/Randall Chesnutt


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Randall Chestnut is a loving father 9-year-old daughter, a Published Author, Professional Speaker and SocialMedia Strategist. He is recognized in his industry as a Social Media expert. In 2015,

Randall Chesnutt founded Spoken About, A Direct Response Marketing Firm specializing in
Facebook and Instagram Advertising.  He truly believes that Social Media networking
sites have paved the way for communicating across the globe. Randall feels passionate
about such topics on how social media can be used wisely to empower small business
owners. He currently does a weekly Facebook Live show Called “Think Like a Marketer” he interviews marketers, entrepreneurs, and Innovators to find out what makes them think differently.
In this episode, we talk about social media, Facebook live tips, and why is it important to know only think like a marketer, but also become your own show! I think you're going to dig this conversation. Let me know down below what was your biggest take-away. Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback. 

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