Ep 120: When Life Kicks You Down w/Ozeal

No Permission Needed with Ozeal
No Permission Needed with Ozeal
Ep 120: When Life Kicks You Down w/Ozeal


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It happens. The unexpected moments when you find yourself asking, 'WTF is happening with me right now?!" Those moments when you lose a loved one and your emotions are dispersed into flames. May has been a rough month for me. Actually, 2018 hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. It's been a relentless year.

In this episode, I go solo and share with you the REAL about my life. I want to take a moment to thank all my beautiful friends, family, co-workers and everyone who has been helping me get through this rough patch in life.

I know this is only temporary and I WILL get through this. Life is a game. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we rediscover perspective in the little things. It hurts. It really does but we must pick ourselves up and keep going. Finish the game, damn it.  

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