Ep 119: Brand Positioning with Ulli Appelbaum

No Permission Needed with Ozeal
No Permission Needed with Ozeal
Ep 119: Brand Positioning with Ulli Appelbaum


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Do you know your brand? Do you know what your core values are? How do you want people to feel when they hear your name or when your business is mentioned? What is your desired perception?

In this episode, I chat with brand and marketing strategist, Ulli Appelbaum, founder of First The Trousers

where he helps businesses, small to large, how to position and grow their brand to stand out amongst the noise. Ulli shares with us some valuable insights on how you identify your brands' unique positioning and leads us down a new way of creative strategizing.

This episode is filled with so much golden insight, so I highly recommend you get a pad and pen while listening to this episode. You will not be disappointed.

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